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Orbit Generator

Generate thousands of high quality content variations from your data in seconds. Examples include real-time summaries of sports events, crime reports or financial stories.

  • City: Oslo, Norway
  • Sunrise: 1427723751
  • Sunset: 1427768967
  • Temp: -8deg
  • Clouds: 0.55
  • Humidity: 74%
  • Wind speed: 0.96
  • Wind degree: 285

Sunday, the people of Oslo will wake up to a cold clear morning with temperatures as low as -8°C and humidity levels at 74%. The sun will be up from 7.23am, and temperature will be up to around -2°C in the afternoon as more clouds are coming in. A fresh breeze at 8 m/s from southeast will calm down to around 3 m/s as the sun sets at 6.31pm.

  • Home team: Rosenborg
  • Away team: Viking
  • Final result: 2-1
  • Goal scorers: Gytkjær (38’), Helland (89’), Danielsen (48’)
  • Historic context: Rosenborg streak (4)
  • Goal streak: Gytkjær (3)
  • League context: Rosenborg (1), Viking (5)
  • Attendance: 15678

Pål Andre Helland scored the last-minute match winning goal and became the hero when Rosenborg beat Viking 2-1 at Lerkendal Saturday. 38 minutes into the first half , Rosenborg took the lead with a goal from Christian Gytkjær. This was Gytkjærs third goal in three matches. André Danielsen equalized for the away team with a goal three minutes into the second half. Just a minute before the final whistle, midfielder Helland became the matchwinner and secured Rosenborgs fourth consecutive win. They still reign in the top position of the league table, while Viking falls to 5th place. 15678 people had taken the trip to Lerkendal to see the match.

  • Company: Facebook, Inc.
  • Location: Menlo Park, California
  • Stock: FB
  • Q2 net: $
  • Earnings/share: $0.97
  • Expected earnings/share: $0.81
  • Revenue: $6.440.000.000 (+59%)
  • Expected revenue: $
  • Stock price: $131.35
  • YTD: 18%

Facebook, Inc. (FB) reported on Wednesday a second quarter net income of $2.06 billion. The Menlo Park, California-based company delivered a profit of $0.97 per share. The result topped Wall Street expectations. Analysts from Zacks had an average expectation of $0.81 per share. The social media giant posted a revenue growth of 59%, to $6.44 billion, beating analyst expectations by $430 million. This is the third consecutive quarter Facebook surpasses analysts’ expectations. The stock rose 6,5% to $131,35. Shares have increased 18% since the beginning of the year.

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Group 21

Orbit Operator

Orbit Operator is a framework of self-improving algorithms that understand written questions and provide smart answers within a given area of expertise.

Could you set up a monthly deposit of $50 to my savings account? Transfer it from my checking account on payday.

Hi Nina! Sure thing. I will deposit $50 into your savings account on the 5th of each month.

Great! Thank you :-)

I feel nauseous and have a headache

When did you start feeling nauseous?

Two days ago

Ok. Do you also have a fever?

Can you deliver flowers to my mom on Mother’s Day?

Hi Thomas, that’s so nice of you. I will make it happen. How about a middle-sized bouquet of white roses?

Perfect. Thanks!

You're welcome!

Current products that use Orbit Operator

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